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    Posted on 29 Feb 2016

    This Woman Is On A Hunger Strike After Her "Medicinal" Cannabis Plants Were Seized By Police

    Heather Gladman says she's been supplying sick people with cannabis for decades.

    Heather Gladman says she has been supplying sick people with cannabis for decades. On February 18, police raided Gladman's Stradbroke home in Victoria and seized 70 plants.

    Gladman, along with 27-year-old Liam Hotham, who helped her on her property, was charged with cultivating and supplying cannabis. Both were arrested and are due to face Sale Magistrates Court on March 15.

    Since her arrest, dozens have come to Gladman's side to support her, praising her for supplying them with cannabis without charge.

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    A range of people, suffering from cancer, epilepsy, and chronic pain, have all come together in support of Gladman.

    A petition has also been started, racking up almost 1000 signatures in a few days.

    Last week, Gladman announced she was going on a hunger strike in protest of the Victorian and federal government's stalled progress in regulating and legalising medical cannabis.

    Beginning on the day of her arrest, Gladman's hunger strike is now on its 11th day. Over this past weekend, she took her strike to Melbourne's Treasury Gardens.

    “I have had enough of the injustice and prejudice against cannabis use,” she told The Herald Sun.

    “We cannot allow a healing herb to be withheld from sick people any longer.”

    Last week, Gladman said she had lost four kilos, just six days into her strike.

    In a video recorded at Treasury Gardens, Gladman said she planned to continue the hunger strike until all of Australia had access to "safe organic cannabis."

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    "I'm asking the government for four things... to repeal cannabis prohibition, the second one would be to legalise cannabis, the third to decrimalise cannabis, and the fourth one is amnesty for compassionate growers until such time as the government can supply organic cannabis to people who need it."

    BuzzFeed News has contacted both Gladman and Hotham for further statement.

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