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    Amber Heard Has Pleaded Guilty To Falsifying Documents In Dog Smuggling Trial

    We will always remember this as the that day that we *almost* captured Captain Jack Sparrow's dogs.

    UPDATE: Amber Heard has been sentenced to a $1000, one-month good behaviour bond with no conviction recorded.

    Depp's dogs: Heard handed $1000, one month good behaviour bond with no conviction recorded. @abcgoldcoast

    Johnny Depp and Amber Heard arrived at a Gold Coast court this morning, with Heard charged with breaking Australia's quarantine laws by bringing the couple’s two dogs into the country last year.

    Matt Roberts / Getty Images

    Heard pleaded guilty to the charge of producing a false document, which meant husband Johnny Depp did not need to give evidence.

    Heard's guilty plea to illegal importation of her dogs means Johnny Depp will not give evidence

    In May, 2015, then-Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce threatened to euthanise Depp and Heard's dogs, Pistol and Boo, after they reportedly snuck the two Yorkshire terriers into the country.

    The incident sparked a furor... there was even a countdown clock started to tick down towards the dog's death.

    The court has now dropped the two biosecurity charges.

    Apparently there was also some sort of "USB with a video" showing Heard expressing her remorse.

    Heard's lawyer has tendered a USB with a video of her "expressing her remorse". @abcnews @abcgoldcoast

    Of course, as has been the case since May last year, people took their chance to make a few jokes at the expense of Pistol and Boo.

    I cannot believe that in 2016, in a packed courthouse, we are going to make Johnny Depp eat those dogs of his. Tragic and pathetic.

    i don't really want Johnny Depp to go to gaol but it's the only way we can stop Tim Burton

    I have not slept since Pistol and Boo illegally entered this nation. I eagerly await the jailing of the Depps and that sweet sweet shuteye

    incredible optics of johnny depp walking the green mile for his crimes

    The Depp & Heard vs. Australia case has been adjourned until 11am later today. This post will be updated as news breaks.

    UPDATE: ABC News reports Heard had offered to plead guilty to the two biosecurity charges in November last year, which the Commonwealth rejected, before accepting today.

    Heard offered to plead guilty in Nov 2015 if two of three charges dropped. Rejected by Commonwealth who accepts today 5 months later

    Lawyers have shown a video in court showing Heard and Depp supporting Australia's biosecurity laws.

    Depp says "declare everything when you are going to Australia" in a video showing his wife's remorse #deppdogs