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Jarryd Hayne Is Straight-Up Crushin' It Right Now

Currently playing in a pre-season friendly against the Dallas Cowboys, Hayne is making quite a splash.

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Australian ex-rugby League star Jarryd Hayne is currently playing pre-season with the NFL's San Francisco '49ers - and he's making everyone look real silly.

Can you count all the Cowboys @jarrydhayne_1 shook up on punt return #2? #DALvsSF

"Everyone" including a hell of a lot of naysayers from when Hayne first announced his code switch to the NFL, as well as most fans of the Dallas Cowboys.

Like, honestly - we're only in the first quarter and Hayne has made three punt returns which all made the Cowboy's defence look less than strong.

Jarryd Hayne with 84 punt return yards on three attempts. In the first quarter.

Here's a GIF of Hayne's first return:

NFL / Via SBnation

There's quite a bit of excitement ~online~.

Q: How many Cowboys does it take to tackle Hayne? A: Six... It take six football players to tackle one rugby player lol


I love it when Hayne has the 🏈‼️‼️

The San Francisco '49ers vs Dallas Cowboys pre-season friendly isn't over yet, but Hayne is making sure people remember his name.