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    Posted on 8 Jan 2018

    This Couple Shovelled A "Formula One" Track In The Snow For Their Dogs And It Turned Into An Adorable Tweet Thread

    If you build it they will run.

    This is Jay Moschella. He is a librarian in Boston and lives with his girlfriend, Rebekah, and their two pet greyhounds, Vicki and Rocko.

    This past weekend, enormous blizzards hit the United States' east coast. Shortly afterward Jay and Rebekah realised their two pet greyhounds would need some way of getting outside due to the huge amounts of snow that had hit their home.


    "Greyhounds are very sensitive dogs," Jay told BuzzFeed News. "Because of the nature of their breed they can't handle the cold very well but they love to run for a minute or two per day."

    Jay said he knew they would be snowed in for a few days following the blizzard, meaning there would be plenty of shovelling required outside the house to create access and pathways.

    So, after the couple finished shovelling their driveway and stairs they headed to the yard to shovel a "walking path" for the dogs. "It was supposed to be a little trail," said Jay, "but about halfway through I decided to go all the way around the yard and made sure to hit all their favourite spots." By the time the job was finished, Jay and Rebekah had a full-on Formula 1 track in their backyard.

    Here's what their backyard looks like normally (featuring a very chill Vicki).


    Jay uploaded a video of Vicki running through the track (Rocko didn't want to go out in the cold) and it went hugely viral. The tweet has been retweeted over 50,000 times and Jay's video has over four million views.

    Desperate times. Had to shovel a formula 1 track through the back yard for the greyhounds.

    Jay said Vicki didn't know what to think of the track at first, but after a few minutes of sniffing finally realised it was her own personal race track and took off.

    Due to the video's huge online presence, Jay has been inundated with tweets from other greyhound owners sharing pictures and stories of their dogs. It's... adorable.

    @msumissa @MissM4rple @Jay_Moschella @TheRickWilson This is Aston. He would ❤️the snow track but pj’s not so much.

    @MissM4rple @Jay_Moschella @TheRickWilson Yep, they are! This one had a potty break and breakfast. So hard....

    @Jay_Moschella @TheRickWilson Jay, this is my greyhound...Neeko. Our previous greyhound would have raced yours in t…

    "Most everyone was claiming that their own greyhounds would be too lazy to run around like this," Jay said. "But truth be told, our greyhounds are totally horizontal for 99.99% of the day.

    @mch_tweets @Jay_Moschella unwrapping Christmas presents soooo taxed The Bear.

    "Though they might drive you to do crazy things, like shovel out an elaborate race track in waist-deep snow during the middle of a blizzard, retired racing greyhounds are really the best dogs."


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