15 Graceful Hot Air Balloons From Canberra’s ‘Balloon Spectacular’

Up, up, and away!

1. This morning Canberra began its annual Balloon Spectacular.

2. Hot air balloons were blown up in the early hours of the morning for the beautiful display.

3. As always, the event once again reminded the world how beautiful Australia’s capital city is.


5. There were lots of different balloons.


Bumps are back you say @thetodayshow ? Yes, they are. #balloonspectacular #CBR #visitcanberra #today9

— Erna Glassford (@SimplyCheecky)

7. Including the always impressive Skywhale.

Conga line with a twist in front of @theskywhale_ . @EventsACT #balloonspectacular #visitcanberra

— Erna Glassford (@SimplyCheecky)

#cbr #Balloonspectacular Skywhale..

— PeterB (@Peter_Boj)

Sky whale takes to the sky #canberra #Balloonspectacular

— Kat (@Kat_reflects)

11. Some of the balloons got a little up close and personal…

He was lining up for a while - sky whale had no idea #canberra #Balloonspectacular

— Kat (@Kat_reflects)

Pegleg Pete and Skywhale having an intimate moment

— Bondles (@Bondles)

13. And there were plenty of close-ups of boobs.

14. But the Skywhale ultimately reigned supreme.

We meet at last. #boo #threehundredthou #skywhale #ermagherd

— Mike Kreuzer (@mikekreuzer)

And of course #skywhale was out and about. Happy Friday! #cbr #Balloonspectacular #visitcanberra

— Naomi Woodley (@naomiwoodley)

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Brad Esposito is a news reporter for BuzzFeed and is based in Sydney, Australia.
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