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    21 Reasons Why Australia Needs More Wil Anderson

    Mostly because of his dog.

    1. Wil enjoys taking leisurely drives with his dog, Ramona.

    2. He understands the struggles of getting good phone service in Australia:

    Channel 10 / Via

    3. He loves AFL and the Western Bulldogs (even though the government is doing all they can to halt their success)

    4. He judges people, but that's okay...

    5. ...because he has brilliant ideas that could help ***keep the economy going***

    ABC / Via

    6. He asks us all to try harder:

    7. And question our career choices:

    8. If there is a Heaven, Wil knows who's in charge:

    9. He hates war!

    10. He has a deep understanding of ***Australian culture***

    11. He drinks in MODERATIOOOOONN!

    12. Margaret Pomeranz likes his laugh :)

    13. But David does not :(



    16. He isn't Frank Woodley, either.

    Channel Ten

    17. He has a podcast named after Russell Crowe's band.

    Y'know, Thirty Odd Foot Of Grunts = Thirty Odd Foot Of Pod? You've heard about that, right?

    18. He has a certain fascination with Niall from 1D.


    19. He appeals to audiences ALL OVER THE WORLD!

    20. And even his smile has a smile.

    Smiley face drawn on head. Better than dick and balls #Wiluminati

    Wil Anderson@Wil_Anderson

    Smiley face drawn on head. Better than dick and balls #Wiluminati

    4:18 PM - 15 May 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

    21. But most importantly, he's funny. Which is all we can ask for.

    An earlier version of this post defined TOFOP as "Thirty Of Foot Of Pod." It is actually "Thirty Odd Foot Of Pod," (duh) and it's fixed.

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