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    Woolworths Is Changing How It Sells Generic Products

    Later days, cheap Tupperware and glad wrap.

    Woolworths is finishing up production of one of Australia's biggest-selling generic brands: Homebrand.

    Homebrand, which was launched in 1983 and has reports of annual sales around $1.4billion, has been kicked to the curb by the supermarket giant in an attempt to move away from the "cheap" perceptions that many customers may have towards Woolworths.

    For the last 30+ years, customers have been able to head down to their local Woolworths and pick up a range of generic, Homebrand products.


    Ranging from tupperware to spreads to lollies, hundreds of products were sold over the years under the red and white uniform of Homebrand.

    "We have been reviewing the products in all of our own brand ranges to ensure we deliver even greater quality and value for our customers," said a Woolworths spokesperson.

    "Part of this review will see our current value ranges, Homebrand and Essentials, consolidated into one improved value range called Essentials."

    That's right. Homebrand isn't just disappearing... It's being replaced.

    "Essentials" is Woolworth's slightly more upmarket label, used on non-food products and rubbish bags. There's also a colour change to red and yellow.

    So, prepare your body and prepare your mind. A change is coming, from Homebrand to Essentials, and there's nothing you can do about it.

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