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    Someone Crashed A Car Into A Tree And People Are Turning It Into Art

    But then, what is art?

    A car that crashed into a tree in Melbourne's hipster suburb of Fitzroy has been turned into a piece of art by local residents.

    So @VictoriaPolice if a stolen car is left with no attempt to clear for a week the Fitzroy North artists will do wh…

    Originally just a beaten down Toyota Camry that had crashed into a tree, the car was reportedly left on a median strip for weeks before unknown artist(s) sprayed the entire thing a bright, metallic gold.

    @BillBainb @hipstergeddon this is the car the day it crashed

    .@MartinPakulaMP installation art reaching new heights in Fitzroy North. Nice change from City of Yarra Development

    The Midas touch. This crashed car has been here for weeks in Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia and some unknown person h…

    And now the car crash/art piece is being transformed further, with people posing in costumes around the car as it fast becomes a Fitzroy cultural icon.

    #goldfinger it's on again. Fitzroy North @theage

    Don't ever change, Fitzroy.