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Ted Cruz Absolutely Crushed Deadspin On Twitter And People Are In Shock

Cruzin' for a Twitter bruisin'.

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Sport news site Deadspin published an article Monday asking for photographic proof of Republican Sen. Ted Cruz — who is definitely not the Zodiac killer — playing basketball.

Send us proof of Ted Cruz playing basketball

The piece referred to an article in Politico that claimed Cruz, along with a few other wild politicians, had organized a weekly game of basketball in the Russell Senate Office Building.

Ever the optimist, Cruz took the opportunity to tweet back a photo of Duke University basketball player Grayson Allen (who looks remarkably like Cruz).

And then Deadspin responded...

Before Cruz wrapped it all up.

Immediately, people on Twitter were quick to @ Deadspin for getting absolutely owned.

@tedcruz @Deadspin @ashleyfeinberg you're getting owned so hard I feel sorry for you

@MattZeitlin @ashleyfeinberg @tedcruz @Deadspin ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

.@Deadspin You guys made Ted Cruz likable, perhaps for the first time ever. Now that's true fucking failure. Go to bed.

@Deadspin @tedcruz Ted Cruz just gave you the results of your paternity test.

Can't believe it happened, but Ted Cruz just owned @Deadspin so hard that the only response they could muster was t…

@Deadspin @tedcruz @GamingAndPandas You got owned. Cry about it.

.@Deadspin getting cucked by @tedcruz is not what I expected today. Or any day.

Deadspin, for what its worth, is still tweeting – so it's fair to say they have recovered.

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