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    Posted on 4 Jul 2014

    15 Aussies Who Shouldn't Be Allowed To Leave The Country

    Sometimes it's for the best if the rest of the world just doesn't see you.

    1. This woman:

    2. And this woman also sending some mail.

    3. This motoring enthusiast.

    4. This patriot.

    5. These two geniuses.

    6. And the salesman who came up with this idea.

    7. This guy.

    8. And these two mad cool kids.

    ~too easy to make a Game of Cones pun~

    9. A mind like this needs to be kept in our glorious nation.

    10. This guy can't leave until we FIND HIS WOMBAT!

    11. And the guy who took his photo for his firearms licence whilst wearing a colander. He can't leave either.

    12. This woman who has finally found a solution to the uncomfortable chairs on the train.

    13. The true blue Aussie who punched a shark.

    What did you do today?

    14. This 'straya guy and his 'straya ute.

    15. And these two. Because someone needs to save us when the shit hits the fan.

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