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    Photoshopped Models Have No Place At Getty After Company Bans Retouching

    The decision comes after a change in France's Public Health Code.

    Stock photo company Getty Images has today announced plans to ban any photos of models that have been retouched "to make them look thinner or larger."

    I got this email from Getty Images today about an update to their submission terms. Kinda refreshing. Well done, F…

    The decision comes after an update was made to the Public Health Code in France from October 1, 2017, requiring all images used commercially that feature retouched images to have the label "retouched photography."

    The new regulations are for all creative content, not just in France.

    Just had this cool email from @GettyImages / @iStock - no more models with retouched body shapes, thanks to French…

    Excellent news for body image all around!

    "As a leader in visual communications, Getty Images upholds the responsibility to ensure accurate and authentic visual representation," a spokesperson told BuzzFeed News.

    "Our perceptions of what is possible are often shaped by what we see: positive imagery can have direct impact on fighting stereotypes, creating tolerance, and empowering communities to feel represented in society.

    "That’s why over the last several years, Getty Images has made a concerted effort to change the way women and other marginalized communities are represented in media and advertising."