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56 Thoughts Everyone Has While Getting Their Hair Cut

"Oh yeah pleeeeeaaaseee use more product."

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1. This needs to happen.

2. Stop messing with it, just go in and let it happen.

3. God why does my hair look so good today?! Every other day it looks like shit!

4. No more chickening out. Just walk in.

5. Nope nope nope nope nope.

6. Ugh have they seen me?

7. They totally saw me.

8. Dammit.

9. Just show them the photo of what you want.

10. You won't look like a dick. Just show them.

11. "Ugh...just...a trim thanks."

12. Dammit.

13. What do you mean you'll see what you can do?

14. Whatever. Let's do this.

15. Wow I look like a rat when they wet my hair.

16. Okay that's enough.


18. How much water do you need?!

19. And now you're gonna brush it.

20. Ow!


21. Why are you brushing it in the wrong direction?

22. That's not the way my hair goes!

23. Even I know that!

24. Ugh. Scissors.

25. Why do you have the shitty scissors?

26. All the other hairdressers have shiny scissors and you have THAT pair.

27. No I don't want a drink.

28. No. Not even water.

29. Stop talking to me.

30. Look, I don't care about you, you don't care about me. Let's be honest.

31. Hmm...I'm actually started to like this haircut.

32. I look good.

33. Why haven't I ever thought about modelling?

34. Wait. What are you doing.

35. What.

36. Are.

37. You.

38. Doing?

39. Stop! Stop! It looked so good!

40. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!?

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41. Oh the humanity!

42. Don't tell me you're finished.

43. Don't walk away!

44. You have work to do! Fix it!

45. Oh no.

46. Not the hair dryer.

47. Well great I never knew my hair could be this...puffy...

48. "Volume."

49. Oh yeh please could you use more product?

50. Because you really haven't used enough.

51. Yeh, more.

52. Yeh work it in real hard. Like really tear my hair off.

53. Thanks so much!

54. How do I like it?

55. "It's awesome! Thanks!"

56. Every time...