There Is A Goat Touring Australia And It’s Incredible

You’ve goat to be kidding me.

3. He tours Australia with his owner (and best mate) Jimbo.

4. They do Stand-Up comedy.

5. And drive around in this bad boy.

(the van is for sale, not Gary)

6. They seem to live in it, too.

“Yo MTV I’m Gary the goat and this is my crib.”

7. Here he is having a stroll down Kings Cross.

8. Of course most people know Gary from his brush with the law.


9. But now Gary is exploring different avenues of life.

10. Here’s Gary and Jimbo enjoying Valentine’s Day.

11. And here they are enjoying some sprouts.

12. Travelling the country, living off the land. Jimbo and Gary are modern comedic explorers.

13. Even if some people aren’t quite convinced.

14. Keep on keeping on, Gary!

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Brad Esposito is a news reporter for BuzzFeed and is based in Sydney, Australia.
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