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26 Photos That Prove Australians Have The Best Sense Of Humour On Earth

Getta laugh inta ya! Slightly NSFW.

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1. We love a bit of word play.

2. Really, we do.

3. We know how to tell everyone we're getting married.

4. And we know how to win a grand final win!

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5. Mordor is just around the corner.

6. We've sorted out our hours of operation.

7. And we love giving out a good deal!

8. Our cops are funny!

9. And our license plates are cheeky.

10. We know how to sell a car.

11. And write a headline.

12. We're simple.

"'s pretty fuckin' great. And it's pretty fuckin' sandy."

"'s pretty fuckin' great. And it's pretty fuckin' sandy."

13. We know how to wash down under.

14. We know what Kyle Sandilands wants.

15. And what THE PEOPLE want.

16. We know when the trash is full.

17. We know a deal when we see it.

18. And we loOoooOOOove a good soup after a rough day.

19. We can't wait for an open day at the park.

20. We love juggling.

21. And we understand the rules when we go grocery shopping.

22. We give a lot of heads up.

23. We've sorted out our labour rates *pretty* darn well.

24. We work together to find missing pets.

25. We love bacon.

26. And we love love love loveeeeeeeeeeeee to sell fish :)