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People Are Getting Naked And Pretending To Be Frozen Chickens

Forget planking, #FrozenChook is where it's at.

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The frozen chicken. It's a staple in most family freezers, whether it's bought for the holidays or left in the freezer until it cryogenically freezes beyond recognition. It has left its spindly three-clawed footprints across society.

Now, a new phenomenon known as "Frozen Chook" has risen, following in the footsteps of "planking," and the internet is having a ball.

Frozen Chook, much like planking, can be done almost anywhere.

Facebook: Frothpit

The act involves mimicking the conventional frozen chicken bought in supermarkets, with the model crouching flat, with the backs of their calves pressed against their naked buttocks. An arched back allows the model to recreate the classic chicken posture, and tucked elbows simulate wings.

If anything, the meme treads the fine line between joke and art.

Facebook: Frothpit

"It started off as a party trick, and would always get a positive reaction," a representative of the Frozen Chook Facebook page told BuzzFeed News.

"Our friend group has a private Facebook page in which we upload videos and random material to share between ourselves – this is where #FrozenChook took off for us."