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27 Reasons The Chicken Schnitty Is The Greatest Meal On The Planet

We should all become members of the Chicken Schnitty Appreciation Society.

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1. Chicken Schnitty's are actually shaped like hearts. Because you love them.

2. They are one of the few foods that can actually love you back.

3. Look at that monster.

4. Look at those two, luscious wings, ready to hold you ever closer.


5. Topped with cheese...

6. Topped with prawns...

7. Nestled up against those chips...

8. Plated up all fancy...


9. Chicken Schnitty's are one of the few foods you could eat continuously for the rest of your life without suffering dietary complaints.

10. They are the complete meal.

11. You can get them in burgers.

12. Or with that simple and pure gravy.


13. Look at that delicious breast.

14. The chicken schnitty spans all cultures. Here is the wondrous Mexican chicken schnitty.


17. Look at that monster stack...

18. The side salad is simply for show. It's all about that schnitty.

20. Just glistening in the light...


25. At the footy...

26. On the beach...

27. It's everything you could ever want.