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19 Of The Failingest Fails To Ever Fail Their Way To Faildom

You want the fails? You can't handle the fails.

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1. This kayak water polo mixup:

2. This news anchor:

3. This special delivery:

4. This advertisement for what is essentially a blanket:

5. These two geniuses:

6. This Pinterest fail:

7. This terrible attempt at The Avengers:

No Black Widow. :(

No Black Widow. :(

8. This ice bucket challenge:

9. This tree-swinging attempt:

10. This puppy learning about gravity:

11. This woman learning about gravity:

12. Oh, and this woman learning about gravity:

13. This bride:

14. This football superstar:

15. This poorly named review:

16. This bear mace sampler:

17. This high heel wearer:

18. This man who missed his train:

19. And this cyclist, who just can't.