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    10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About "The Land Before Time"

    Cera was originally a boy!

    1. A lot of scenes were cut from the film, believed to be potentially psychologically damaging to kids.

    2. The 10-year-old girl who voiced the role of Ducky was murdered by her father four months before the film's release.

    3. The film was executive produced by Steven Spielberg and George Lucas.

    4. Pizza Hut ran a promotion selling 99-cents finger puppets of all the characters.

    5. The five main characters are the following dinosaurs: Littlefoot, an apatosaurus; Cera, a triceratops; Spike, a stegosaurus; Petrie, a pteranodon; and Ducky, a parasaurolophus.

    6. Littlefoot was originally going to be called Thunderfoot.

    7. Originally, the film was going to have no dialogue.

    8. The Land Before Time has 12 direct-to-video sequels/spinoffs.

    9. Cera the triceratops was originally going to be a boy.

    10. The first Land Before Time film is the only one not to be a musical.