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    The Least Trusted News Source In Australia Is Campaigning Against Fake News

    It rhymes with "shmayshbook."

    Facebook has been dropping ads across Sydney, promising the local population that fake news, data misuse, and a range of other issues are "not our friends". However the social media giant's push for credibility may have been damaged by a new report which found it to be the least trusted news source in the country.

    People began noticing the ads around the city earlier this week, posting photos of the familiar blue and white, Facebook-style declarations which promised the site was changing.

    "Fake news is not our friend," reads one. "We're committed to reducing its spread; so we're working with more fact-checkers globally, improving our technology, and giving you background information on the articles in your news feed."

    dunno why but those apologetic facebook bus shelter ads all over sydney are what really tipped it over into dystopian for me

    It's called the "Here Together" initiative, and it will be rolled out nationally over the next eight weeks. Alexandra Sloane, Facebook ANZ's head of marketing, told AdNews the campaign was created following research from its content agency and in-house creative team.

    "We really understood what Australia and our community needed from us in terms of an update on ways we're going to improve the experience of our platform," she said.

    It's not just digital billboards. There is also a video, rolled out on Facebook. "When this place does what it was built for then we all get a little closer," it says.

    In May a survey from Roy Morgan found almost half of Australians don't trust social media. Roy Morgan chief executive Michele Levine pointed to Facebook as the least-trusted media brand.

    The rolling survey polled 4,000 Australians over four rounds of questioning dating back to October, asking them which brands they trusted and distrusted. In May, Roy Morgan asked another 1,111 Australians which media they trusted and distrusted.

    Each nominated media brand was then given a "trust score" (representing the amount of people who said they trusted it) before having a "distrust score" subtracted.

    Facebook was found to be the most distrusted media brand in the country after it received a net Trust Score of -39%.

    Australia's public broadcaster the ABC was the most trusted, while radio proved to be the format with the best net Trust Score.

    Facebook has been hesitant to describe itself as a media company. The company has repeatedly pushed back at calls for it to define itself as such, while also forming partnership deals with news organisations in Australia and abroad.

    Last Thursday the company hosted a Journalism Project News Day, inviting media professionals from a range of outlets to learn about how Facebook could be useful to publishers and reporters.