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It Is With Great Regret That I Must Inform You People Are Printing Their Faces On Luggage

I've seen things on luggage you wouldn't believe...

It is with great regret that I must inform you people are actually printing photos of their own face onto luggage.

She has ACTUALLY done what I think she has done.... 😱😂😂

Attention was first drawn to the phenomenon last year, when a company started championing its new product: face luggage. Or...luggage that has your face on it. Or...luggage...face...

It is unclear what humanity did to deserve this.

Now, some six months later, these things are being spotted in the wild.

AYLISSA: are you always losing your suitcase on the luggage carousel?’s a solution! YOUR FACE ON A CASE! 👌🏼😁 GENIUS!

The same photos. The same luggage. The same faces shared countless times on Twitter and Facebook. Haunting me and tens of thousands of others who chose to retweet this cursed image.

This woman who got her own face printed on her luggage is the hero we need right now

People are amused by it all. Most, it must be assumed, are yet to see one in person. In fact...they think it's funny.

@rez512 @TheRickWilson I want to be the guy to grab it off the luggage carousel and then be like, “Oh, I’m sorry, is this your’s?”

If my husband has to travel a lot for work, he WILL be carrying luggage with MY face on it noifsandsorbuts

*lose luggage* Her: Hey have you seen my luggage? Worker: No, what does it look like? Her: My face

But I see no humour.

"People who put their own face on their luggage so it never gets lost." Need more for this series ...

Only darkness.

I’ve really been laughing so hard at the “lady with own face as luggage” post for ten entire minutes right now this might be the funniest thing I’ve ever seen like

Is it convenient to see your face, or that of a loved one, on your own luggage? Is it nice to know which is yours? Are you not...bothered?

Richard in New York. Just wanted to make sure he knew which was his bag at the carousel....

(And yes, this does appear to be Richard Curtis.)