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Can You Make It Through This Post Without Having An Existential Crisis?

Does it even matter?

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This is you. You are a living, breathing, thing.

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One day, you are going to die.

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Yes, it's true. Despite all your goals and your dreams and your accomplishments, one day you are going to die.

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You are not invincible, and though you may now realise this - there is nothing you can do to stop death.

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BUT, you are alive now (you won't always be), and not everyone truly knows this.

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So write down your bucket list. Find the things you used to love, and rekindle the flames of your romance. Urge your body to be more.

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Because really, none of it matters.

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Life is absurd. Realise this. We're just flesh puppets toppling about on a huge, sun-orbiting planet, with no end in sight. The world will go on without you. Society will go on without you.

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But that doesn't mean you shouldn't be, well... you.

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Stop thinking about "being" and just "be."

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Take risks, swim laps. Parachute and bungee jump. Be the best that you can be (even if it doesn't matter).

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No one has all the answers. No one has the "right" answers. Some just have answers that are better than others.

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And that's OK. :)

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So keep on keepin' on, because it's the only thing you can rely on.

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