14 Reasons Dumbledore Is Actually A Massive Jerk


    Recently, a Tumblr thread has been growing larger and larger as people realise the horrible monstrosities Harry Potter's Dumbledore carried out.

    These are just a few of the multiple reasons Dumbledore is actually a little bit of a douche.

    1. Straight up at the BEGINNING OF THE WHOLE THING Dumbledore leaves a BABY in the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT on a DOORSTEP.

    2. Next ol' Dumbledore thinks it's sweet to groom HP into someone keen on DYING for the GREATER GOOD.

    3. Also, he doesn't tell Harry SHIT.

    4. Because otherwise Harry might THINK FOR HIMSELF FOR ONCE.

    5. When Harry just randomly ends up in the Triwizard Tournament Dumbledore calls NO INVESTIGATION and acts like it's no big deal.

    6. He doesn't do anything about the ghost of a girl that DIED just hanging around the school bathrooms.

    7. He locks Sirius Black up in the house he was ABUSED AND PUNISHED in as a child after he had spent TWELVE YEARS IN PRISON.

    8. And then he lets Snape carry on teaching at Hogwarts knowing FULL WELL that he's a MAJOR DOUCHE to ALL the students just to keep him close.

    lol good one.

    9. Dumbledore doesn't know (and if he does he sure as hell doesn't give a fuck) about the teacher in HIS school with VOLDEMORT GROWING OUT OF HIS HEAD.

    10. Time and time again, TWELVE YEAR OLDS figure stuff out before him. TWELVE. YEAR. OLDS.


    12. AND AND AND!!!!!! He doesn't even think that maybe it might be a LITTLE BIT OF A GOOD IDEA to get all the kids in the school to learn how to cast A PATRONUS.

    13. Also, this seems to be his excuse to get out of anything and move responsibility onto someone else.

    14. Finally, he helps foster a community of competition, wrongful stereotyping of CHILDREN, and generalizations based on which "house" you got put in.

    Dumbledore – Kind of a little bit of a douche.