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16 Types Of Hangovers Illustrated By Dogs With Bee Stings

These dogs are certainly having a ruff time.

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1. The "oh lord Jesus I am not ready for this" hangover.

Flickr: sheri_guyse / Creative Commons

2. The "I'm so, so sorry. Really."

3. The "get away from me please and don't say a word" hangover.

4. The "how did I get in here?" hangover.

5. The "this isn't fair. This isn't fair at all" hangover.

6. The "am I even the same person anymore?" hangover.

7. The "it's almost night time and I'm still destroyed" hangover.

8. The "oh no I'm totally fine for work..." hangover.

9. The "oh Christ, why did I come to work?" hangover.

10. The "I just need to lie down and not talk to anyone ever again" hangover.

Flickr: astroguy / Creative Commons

11. The "just go to sleep and it will all be over" hangover.

12. The "how dare you let this happen to me" hangover.

13. The "I am definitely still drunk" hangover.

14. The "this shouldn't be happening. Bad things shouldn't happen to good people" hangover.

15. The "please just stop taking photos of me this isn't funny" hangover.

16. And the "this is it, it's never getting better" hangover.