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    There's A Pizza-Delivering Robot And It Might Signal The End Of The World

    Will robots inherit the Earth? Yes. But they'll deliver us pizza.

    Domino's recently unveiled it's new project: DRU (Domino's Robotic Unit).

    DRU is a legit pizza-delivering robot, which is partly super cool, and partly terrifying as all Hell.

    In a world first, the autonomous pizza delivery robot will harness pre-existing GPS technology, as well as on-board sensors, to deliver pizza to your door.

    It's all very, very surreal.

    DRU was built in a purpose-built lab, with Domino's teaming up with Australian robotics company Marathon Robotics.

    There have already been prototype trials in Brisbane, Australia, which seem to have been successful because, y'know, Domino's is planning to launch the service later this year.

    Domino's even created a trailer / creation clip to show us how DRU came to be. Which is also terrifying.

    View this video on YouTube

    The video features a bunch of great things. Like these millenials, sitting on their porch and laughing with glee at DRU, the robotic pizza delivery machine that's also probably capable of tracking down and killing an entire family.

    Look how happy this couple is to receive their pizza from a robot, instead of a some stupid flesh-and-blood human!

    Look at this dude just going for a jog, who TOTALLY wasn't expecting ol' DRU to drive on by! lol!

    And look at this dog, watching on in awe as DRU passes him.

    DRU can even detect obstacles during its journey. One must wonder what exactly "makes" an obstacle, though.

    What I'm saying is, DRU could see YOU as an obstacle. And then, idk, deliver you to someone? Whatever, it's still scary.

    Do you think this is cool?

    Do you feel safe?

    Do you feel loved?


    Another thing that's very comforting to hear is that DRU is built from a base unit sourced from the Australian military :) :) :) Lol! What could go wrong?!

    Currently, DRU is being peddled around city streets like some robotic elephant man, as researchers try to fine tune its censors and technology.

    Until then, let's all relax in the knowledge that we'll soon have a fleet of robots delivering us food, and probably, maybe, not trying to kill us.

    So long as we don't try to shut them down.