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    Actually, That Photo Of Drake In Blackface Is Real

    The photo was resurfaced by Pusha T, who used it as album artwork.

    On Tuesday evening Pusha T released a new track, "The Story of Adidon," in which the rapper takes aim at Drake and accuses him of fathering a secret child.

    And while that might be a lot to take in itself, the track's artwork also sparked a bit of controversy.

    I’m questioning y’all if y’all don’t “Cancel” him.

    Yep, that's Drake. He hasn't yet commented on the situation.

    The picture is from a photo shoot with photographer David Leyes. Leyes' website has since crashed, probably due to a larger than usual audience trying to check in.

    Please stop referring to this picture as “artwork”...I’m not an internet baby, I don’t edit images...this is a REAL picture...these are his truths, see for yourself

    The photographer's Instagram has also been set to private, but some Twitter users have found screenshots of Leyes saying he "captured [Drake's] idea."

    And the photographer. Y’all move

    And Leyes has tweeted to Pusha T's manager asking him to get the rapper to take down the photo.

    @StevenVictor hey Steven Please get Push to take the Drake photo down asap

    What a day.

    BuzzFeed News has contacted David Leyes for comment.