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Pizza Hut Has A New Crust Made Completely Out Of Doritos And Cheese

The revolutionary crust is only available in Pizza Hut's Australian stores...for now.

Behold, the item of your drunken dreams: Pizza Hut Australia has created a new Doritos crust.

Pizza Hut introduces Doritos Crust Pizza.

The proclaimed "crust innovation" uses "clever cheese technology" to create a barrier of delicious cheese and crunchy — in what many are calling humanity's peak achievement.

The crust, which doesn't (but should) come with a free Mountain Dew, is understandably creating shockwaves online.

I refuse to remain calm about Doritos crust pizza. I refuse.

They have Doritos in Pizza crusts now. Stop everything immediately

"Pizza Hut Just Unveiled a Crust Made Entirely of Cheese and Doritos" I WARNED YOU!

I must find a pizza Hut to try it's new doritos crust pizza if it's the last thing I do

As well as a fair amount of anger, confusion, and disgust.

The Doritos stuffed crust pizza looks truly disgusting.

A Doritos-crusted pizza? Seeing that is enough to make me go #paleo.

The world will never be the same.