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    14 Photos That Will Make You Always Wear Sunscreen

    There's nothing healthy about a tan.

    1. Sunburn isn't rad.

    2. And no matter what you think, sunburn won't give you abs.

    3. It creates multiple layers of pain.

    4. It is a fickle beast.

    5. But it can make you SUFFER.

    6. And you can't even touch / be touched by people.

    7. Application needs to be thorough. Don't skimp.

    8. Even if it tans you'll look like a cigarette.

    9. You might think your burnt batman logo is cool at the time. But in a few years you will cringeeeee.

    10. "Sick sunburn dude." - No one ever.

    11. "OMG I'm so jealous of your red flaky skin." - No one ever.

    12. Seriously. This is not a comparison you want.

    13. It makes everything hard. Even walking.

    14. And don't forget - you can get sunburnt at the snow!

    So remember:

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