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    People Are Loving This Dog Who Came Out Of Surgery And Can't Stop Smiling

    Doggo went under for surgery and now he is DRUGGO.

    Oscar, a golden retriever from Adelaide, Australia, recently had surgery to remove multiple fatty tumours.

    Shortly after Oscar's successful surgery Sarah took a photo of her doggo all blissed out on post-surgery sedatives. Boy oh boy does he look happy.

    doggo went under for surgery and now he is DRUGGO

    After Oscar's bliss pic was tweeted out on Monday, the internet fell in love with the drugged-up doggo. "He always had a tendency to smile, so that plus the sedatives ends up with this photo," said Sarah.

    The original tweet has almost 100,000 retweets and is full of people concerned for Oscar's health.

    "I find the internet is nicest when it relates to dogs," she said.

    A few hours after the internet first saw Oscar in his dazed state, popular dog rating Twitter account WeRateDogs became aware of the adorable golden retriever.

    @smack__that may I feature your druggo doggo?

    And Oscar was also uploaded to Reddit – quickly making his way to the front page. Yep, this drugged out lil pupper has gone very, very viral.

    Then people just started tweeting pictures of their own post-surgery dogs to Sarah.

    @smack__that here's my doggo after a surgery 😂 we would move around her tongue and she had no problem

    @smack__that awwww your doggo got much happier drugs than mine! 😂

    .@smack__that Lovely photo 😂 Glad he's doing well. Daisy my 11 yr old rescue would like him @NCARUK

    @smack__that my dog yesterday after he got fixed

    One person even sent a cat.

    @smack__that i feel that... this is my cat high off drugz😂

    Sarah got Oscar from a "shitty pet shop" when she was 12-years-old after seeing he was the runt of the litter, all alone, and crying. Her dad couldn't say "No."

    "He's fine now, just a little dopey," said Sarah.

    Oscar is now being looked after by Chomper, Sarah's pet cat. He's the one on the right looking kinda pissed that Oscar is on his blanket.

    @aimeeclarke he's fine!! Being well looked after