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17 Dogs That Truly Represent Life In Australia

It's not all ruff.

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1. When the hot water runs out in the middle of your shower.

2. When it's 4AM and all you want is a kebab but they're closed.

3. So you go home and stare at the oven, waiting for your pizza to cook.

4. When you drop your sausage from the sausage sizzle but you remember the Five Second Rule.

5. When you go to the zoo with your friends but you get WAY more into it than them.

6. When the tradies take six months when they said they'd take six weeks so you try to do the job yourself.

7. When Schoolies comes 'round.

8. When it's your first day at a job straight out of university.

9. When it's the first beach day of summer, and you haven't even been sunburnt yet.

10. When it's Halloween and all you have is that one costume from when you were like, 12.

11. When it's school photo day.

12. When you're at a party trying to have a good time and someone keeps trying to talk about their ~opinions~ about ~politics~.

13. When your friend insists on taking a selfie and you end up looking like this:

14. When school's over and you're off work and you honestly DGAF about anything.

15. When it's Friday and you order delivery and you hear that knock on the door.

16. When you're coming home from a festival and you're just DONE.

17. When you have a few too many beers at the "work beach picnic".