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I Can't Believe I Have To Ask You To Not Put Foil In The Microwave To Make It "Shiny"

Just this once I am putting my foot down.

Friends, I hate that I have to be the one to issue this warning, but please please please do NOT put foil in the microwave. It will catch fire and a bunch of bad things could happen.

We have had to go over a few things in 2018 already: Tide Pods are for the washing machine (not the mouth); condoms are for the penis or penis-shaped object (not the mouth); and now – because of a bunch of dumb tweets about making foil shiny, we're at a point where we have to be reminded not to roll foil up into a ball and chuck it into the microwave. Also, don't put foil in your mouth.

It all comes after a few tweets went viral claiming to transform foil in the microwave.

Yall know this happened if you microwave foil for 3 minutes?

I just tried this. If you put a tight ball of tin foil in the microwave for a few minutes it turns into a real ball. Can’t believe it actually worked https://t.co/h32voZnya2

wrap your food in foil paper and put it in the microwave for 1 min it heats up faster

@Badoodled Works but you have to leave it in for at least 10 minutes

The photos are actually from a story out of Japan in March. Japanese Twitter user @Asu_Astell made a foil ball and then used a hammer and sandpaper to create the shiny thing you'll see all over Twitter. The tweet has almost 100,000 retweets and was part of a larger phenomenon that had people across the world trying out the trick.

以前ツイッターで見かけたアルミホイル16m 叩いて…面白そうだったのでやってみた。 当初は叩くだけのはずが、磨くことになるとは

For the record, here's how he told BuzzFeed News he did it:

1. Using your hands, create a rough sphere with aluminium foil.

2. Use a rubber hammer to shape it into a more exact sphere.

3. Hammer the ball for about two hours. Once the ball’s hard enough, use a hammer to shape again.

4. Polish the ball with coarse sandpaper, and then with fine sandpaper.

5. Put liquid abrasive on a dry cloth to gently polish the ball.

Anyway, now we have a few Bad Actors out here trying to trick people into throwing foil in the microwave and that is NOT OK.

It's nice to sit here and be chill and just think everyone is in on the joke, but we can never be too sure. I mean this is a world where people joke about eating laundry detergent and ending up being hospitalised.

There are already a few people who are (jokingly or otherwise) tweeting photos of their busted-up microwaves.

Thankfully there are people trying to spread the Good Word.

DISCLAIMER: YOU CAN NOT MICROWAVE FOIL.... 2018 and i feel the need to make that known, god help us.

If you put foil in the microwave because Twitter said so, you are a certified dumbass https://t.co/bKDfRESxqB

You be joking like this and there gon’ be idiots actually trying to microwave foil my dude https://t.co/j16gazWAVL

This is not done by microwaving foil, it is done by sanding and polishing aluminum foil. Get your facts right. If you're gonna put that in your microwave, you're gonna cause sparks and start a god damn fire.🤦🏾‍♀️ https://t.co/MtRTjFNdy6

So, if you are at home tonight and find yourself craving a shiny silver ball for some reason, please do not turn to your microwave with foil in hand and think to yourself, "Hmm...maybe if I just..."