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    People Are Furious About Three Men Who Avoided Their Rape Trial By Paying $30,000

    The three Australian men pleaded guilty to raping a 17-year-old Croatian girl.

    Three Australian men who pleaded guilty to the July 2015 rape of a Croatian teenager have escaped jail time by agreeing to a deal with prosecutors to pay her €20,000 ($31,594).

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    All in their early twenties, Dylan Djohan, Ashwin Kumar, and Waleed Latif arrived back in Melbourne today, just over a week after pleading guilty to raping a 17-year-old backpacker in Croatia.

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    One of the men, Dylan Djohan, posted regularly on his since-deleted Instagram about his bodybuilding and life philosophies.

    "Four days into my Adonis shred and these cuts are coming in deeper than the Baltic seas," he reportedly wrote. "My gift from the gods was this blessed block of heathen marble... My curse from the gods is that I must sculpt it with my bare hands."

    Croatian police seized their passports last year with plans for the case to be before the courts on Monday, February 1. However, lawyers for the men and the prosecution agreed a deal which would see them off with a conditional jail sentence.

    All men pleaded guilty to rape under the deal, receiving a sentence of one year in jail suspended to a good behavior bond for five years.

    People have taken to Facebook and Twitter to show their outrage.

    How disgusting that three Australians rape a 17y.o. girl in Croatia then negotiate a payment allowing them to fly home.Should lock them up.

    So you can get away with it if you can afford it? via @DailyLifeAU

    DISGUSTING!!! Croatia rapists freed to come home via @newscomauHQ

    Fairfax reports that Dylan Djohan wrote on his Instagram just days after the deal about joining the "mile-high club" with an airline stewardess on his flight home.