Did One Direction Plagiarise Their Latest Music Video?

Award-winning Australian production company accuses the British boy band of plagiarising the visuals for their new single “You &I.”

Current top-of-the-pops boy band One Direction released the video for their latest single last week.


The clip was immediately scrutinized by Australian creative outlet OhYeahWow, who were responsible for Australian band Clubfeet’s award-winning clip “Everything You Wanted.”

Video available at: http://vimeo.com/58161697.

The production company, who has produced content for the likes of Gotye, Aloe Blacc, and Ben Folds Five, has issued a statement in regards to the video.

Late Friday night whilst we were busy observing the good traditions of the public holiday, something very suspicious was brought to our attention. It seems that the chaps of One Direction have taken it upon themselves to regurgitate our original concept, as seen in our award-winning clip for Clubfeet’s Everything You Wanted. Don’t get us wrong, we here at Oh Yeah Wow are big One Direction fans and are envious of their ability to maintain flawless hairdos.

The main focus is on the last third of both clips.



With the effects and props eerily similar.



And style very much alike.



OhYeahWow was sure to acknowledge the possibility of “creative evolution.”

To be crystal clear, OYW has nothing against creative evolution. Artists constantly reinterpret other works that have inspired them and we’re fine with people taking a technique and using it to create something new…The wider problem is, that plagiarism and copycatting is becoming increasingly common and acceptable.

But they believe the clips are too similar and are urging people on Twitter to tweet both the band and video director with the hashtag #nodirection in an effort to bring the similarities to everyone’s attention.

Homage a step too far? http://t.co/40Qs6P51Re Let the world know 'Oh Yeah Wow' did it first! #nodirection

— Lynda (@Lurleen001)

@benwinston sort your shit out. be original. own up to the fact that you fucked up !!!!!! http://t.co/07FWPqPyjT #nodirection

— mikaylah (@river_tams)

@benwinston Great way to steal someone's work. http://t.co/2s7i4l35U8 #nodirection

— Endurance Fanzine (@Endurance_Zine)

Did One Direction copy the idea? Decide for yourself.

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Brad Esposito is a news reporter for BuzzFeed and is based in Sydney, Australia.
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