Definitive Proof That Quokkas Are The Greatest Animal Ever

Just read it. Your argument is invalid.

1. Quokkas are fucking awesome.

Timmy Toucan / Via

2. But not much is known about these mysterious beasts.

Hewball / Via Flickr: 26644336@N03

3. Did you know they were the first animal in space?

(hearts added)

4. And that they were a BIG influence in the toppling of the Berlin wall?

5. In fact, if you look through history Quokkas are often involved.

Hiroshima, 1945.

6. Here’s one spotted on the grassy knoll.

7. And here’s one spotted at the site of the Ukraine’s Chernobyl disaster of 1986.


8. Famous artists have also been known to worship the quokka.

9. And rightfully so.

10. Because quokkas are fucking awesome.

11. And the closer you look…

12. …the more you see.

13. It is thought that quokkas date back to the Stone Age some 2.5 MILLION YEARS AGO.

14. From the neanderthals:

15. To the Egyptian hieroglyphics:

Here, two pharaoh exchange a quokka. The Ancient Egyptians worshipped the quokka and believed it to hold supernatural powers like immortality, super strength and magnificent linguistic skills.

16. More recently, quokkas have appeared at global events. Like Barack Obama’s inauguration:

17. And when Colorado made marijuana legal a quokka was one of the first in line.

18. They’ve also been ever present throughout musical history, like when The Beatles first came to America.

19. And when Jimi Hendrix played his famous Woodstock show:

20. Don’t forget The Titanic.


25. So there you have it.

26. Definitive proof.

Ken and Nyetta / Via Flickr: 71279764@N00

27. Quokkas are fucking awesome.

Flickr: 31157339@N00 / Via Fernando de Sousa

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Brad Esposito is a news reporter for BuzzFeed and is based in Sydney, Australia.
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