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The Internet Is Rather Frightened By The Big Merino's New Look

Aliens are coming to Goulburn.

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The iconic Big Merino in Goulburn has been lit up recently, to raise awareness for green energy.

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The merino - named Rambo - will be "tainted green" every night until November 16, with the hope the illuminated eyeballs will encourage the community to "make the switch" to green energy.

Rambo is one of many "big" Australian icons plastered across the country.

Rambo is 15 metres tall and made of concrete. He sits off the edge of a gift shop and wool display on the highway between Sydney and Canberra, but people can also climb to the top and look through Rambo's eyes.

Of course, the internet had other ideas - focussing less on the eco-friendly message Rambo was trying to share and more on the HUGE GLOWING GREEN DEMONIC EYES.


What's happening with the big merino?

"remember who you are Simba" #bigmerino

The Big Merino has become a child of the corn… time to kill it @BuzzFeedOz

i have always thought that the Big Merino could be improved by imbuing it with terrible and ancient magic

@Dean_Nye New Batman v Superman looks wild

At the very least, Sydney has a new guardian.

i love the big merino for it keeps the canberrans from visiting sydney. protect us, merino. protect us with your life.