An Australian Newsreader Has Perfectly Shut Down The Ice Bucket Challenge

“Deal with it!”

1. Australian newsreader Lincoln Humphries has disrupted his news bulletin to put out his own version of the Ice Bucket Challenge.


2. He begins by acknowledging all the great things to come out of the campaign…but also feels like there hasn’t been enough focus on the big picture.


3. Then, he mentions Daffodil Day, a charity run by the Cancer Council to help raise funds to fight cancer.

4. Then, he highlights why he won’t be using any water.


5. And if you don’t have any cash to donate, he’s got a solution for you too.

6. Finally, he drives his point home.

8. And for the haters?

9. You can watch the video here:


Lincoln has since contacted BuzzFeed to clarify his point:

@BuzzFeedOz hey guys: personal recording, not in a bulletin; not intending to shut down ALS donations, just irrelevant icing. k thks bye

— Lincoln Humphries (@LBHumphries)

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Brad Esposito is a news reporter for BuzzFeed and is based in Sydney, Australia.
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