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"Bachelor" Contestants Were Asked To See How Far They Could Get A Cucumber Down Their Throat On Radio

The "cucumber game" has been a regular segment on the New Zealand radio station for some time.

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A New Zealand radio station is being criticised for a segment on a breakfast radio show called the "cucumber game".

The game, which involves "contestants" seeing how far they can get a cucumber down their throat, has been running for some time.

When will @DomHarvey realise that this stuff isn't funny, it's insulting #cucumbergame

WTF That stupid cucumber game on mainstream radio in the morning !!! What is wrong with people ... Like seriously UGHHHHH


In an interview with The Spinoff, runner up to The Bachelor New Zealand, Dani Robinson, discussed the strange game the breakfast radio show has women participate in.

"I don't know if you listen to their morning show, but they put girls on the spot and asked them to shove cucumbers down their throats to see how far they would go."

"When that whole scenario was thrown at me we were live on air and I had not been forewarned… As a result, I quickly informed the others prior to their interviews with The Edge so they could avoid the whole shitty situation."

You can listen to one of the "cucumber number" games here: