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    This Teen's Teacher Said No Phones In Class...So He Brought In A Record Player

    Teens, uh...find a way.

    Wyatt Prutch is a 17-year-old junior at Hudson's Bay High School in Vancouver, Washington.


    Recently, Prutch was prepping for a physics exam when his teacher, Mr Saueracker, said there would be no mobile phones (not even for music), because students could use them to cheat.

    Funny Or Die

    "He joked about being able to listen to music if we bring in a Walkman or something," Prutch told BuzzFeed News. "I joked about bringing my record player."

    Well, the next day Prutch decided to deliver on his joke, fronting up for the exam with his record player and a copy of Kanye West's LP The College Dropout.

    Luckily, Prutch's teacher saw the funny side of things and even brought an extension chord out so he could plug the record player in. "He's the actual greatest teacher," said Prutch. "He's really good...physics is like the highlight of school."


    Mr Saueracker (first name Eric) even tweeted about the record player on Wednesday. It went hugely viral, and so far has almost 200,000 retweets.

    Students are taking their Physics Midterm exam today. I said no cell phones, not even for music since they could be used to cheat. This student brought in a record player and is bumping Kanye in his headphones right now...

    The kids are all right.

    @forza_juv3 @esaueracker That's a terrible record player, has shit audio quality and will destroy your records over time.

    @esaueracker @TeamKanyeDaily He listening to Kanye West he never going to fail

    @esaueracker @StraitTwistedMe Me listening to the answers i pre-recorded and trying to make it seem like Kanye is spitting fire.

    @esaueracker Plot twist: it's kanye reading the exam's answers

    We’re living in 2018 while this guy is living in 1974

    "There's a surprising amount of discussion about the brand of the record player, that I don't even know to be honest," said Prutch. As for the exam? He says he aced it.