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Mums Are Freaking Out Over This Super-Cheap Coffee Pod Hack

Do it yourself for about $5.

Mothers on an Australian Facebook page dedicated to crowdsourcing better ways to organise have discovered an ingenious way to store Nespresso (and other brand) coffee pods in your cupboard – and it'll cost you less than $5.

The hack uses PVC strips that cost around $2 at a hardware store. They are built with a groove and act as ideal railings for coffee pods to slide on to.

You could attach the slats to the wall, or underneath or inside cupboards. Hell, make a wall of them.

Facebook: 1700094750008217

At Australian hardware store Bunnings (like Lowe's in the US) you can buy metres of the stuff and then cut it yourself to the size you'd like.

People are already wicked impressed with the idea.

So, there ya go. Give it a try!

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