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This Dad Went Viral After Getting A Cochlear Implant Tattoo To Match His Daughter

*Heart flutters.*

This is Alistair Campbell, father of six-year-old Charlotte. Charlotte has two cochlear implants to help her hearing - and in a heartwarming move of Father-of-the-Year proportions, Alistair now has one too.

Charlotte's mother had a cochlear implant and her brother, Lewis, wears hearing aids - so it came as no shock when Charlotte needed two implants, the first when she was four.

Charlotte reportedly told her dad that she thought the tattoo was "cool," with Charlotte's mother saying she didn't think Charlotte had grasped the significance of the tattoo just yet.

Alistair says the tattoo, which took about 45 minutes, involved “a little bit of pain but nothing I couldn’t handle.”

"The reaction have been overwhelming, mostly positive. Some negative comments have surfaced, they don't bother me, we're doing what is best for our daughter and our family."

The Campbell family belong to the Hear4kidz Trust. The trust helps support families living with deaf children living in the Taupo region of New Zealand.