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    Clive Palmer Just Went On A Really Strange Rant On Twitter

    "I'll go on Paul Murray Live if he shaves his beard so I can see caliber of his intellect."

    In a bizarre and surprising turn of events, Clive Palmer woke up this morning and blasted Paul Murray Live host Paul Murray (duh).

    .@PMOnAir's desperate for ratings but is a liar. He wishes he had an audience like this waiting for him to speak

    Palmer waited a good twenty minutes before he tweeted out the reasoning behind his covert attack.

    Last night @PMOnAir showed a photo of me sitting by myself in a room, but it's him who sits in studio talking to himself with 0 audience

    He then - and there really is no other way to say this - accused Paul Murray of having a shit beard.

    .@PMOnAir's an irrelevant speck in political scene who hides behind his bacteria-fested beard & speaks nothing but drivel #paulmurrayslies

    Before claiming that he would indeed go on the show if Paul Murray shaved his beard.

    I'll go on @pm_live if @PMOnAir shaves his beard so I can see caliber of his intellect. Would be great change from usual bias guests #pmlive

    It's all just another day in the life of Clive.


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