This Feminist Author Is Publishing The Details Of Her Online Abusers

    "Die, fucking bitch. Yours truly, Master gender, master race, white male."

    Feminist writer Clementine Ford recently reported a man who abused her online to his employer. In the end, the man was fired and the company asked Ford to inform her readers of the turn of events.

    As a result, Ford has been facing wave after wave of unending abuse on both her Facebook and email. Today she hit back, posting dozens of screenshots of what she says is the abuse she receives on a daily basis.

    It's not the first time Ford has faced abuse online. In June, she was banned by Facebook after publicly sharing the abusive messages she had been sent by men online.

    “It’s not just inconvenient to me personally, it demonstrates exactly how backwards Facebook and its investigation processes are,” she told BuzzFeed News at the time. “I have reported numerous misogynistic posts in the past only to be told they were acceptable under Facebook’s guidelines.

    “So to have them turn around and ban me for the fourth time for merely showing what kind of vitriol is routinely sent to me by cowards determined to hide behind a defence of ‘rights to abuse women privately and not be held accountable for it’ is actually deeply upsetting and enraging.”

    Facebook has defended its anti-harassment policies in the past, saying page owners have a number of tools to fight online abuse at their disposal.

    “We give page owners a wide range of tools to proactively moderate and control who contacts them,” a Facebook spokesperson said earlier this year. "Page owners can set profanity filters, control who messages their page through the Privacy Settings, delete comments and block people who send unwanted messages."

    The company also pointed to its real-name policy and reporting tools throughout the site as ways to combat harassment.

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