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What Australia Was Like When The Current Year 12 Started School

"Don't you treat me bad. Don't you make me sad. Our love could be deep as the ocean."

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Students all over the country are finally sitting their Year 12 exams.

All the stress, sweat and effort will come to an end this month - as students are forced to endure a month of torture to prove they've been paying attention for the past couple of years.

In 2002, this was high tech:

But no one texted anyway because texting cost, like, 25c. MSN WAS WHERE IT WAS AT!


The last Ansett Airlines flight was in 2002.

Kath and Kim premiered, too.


Stephen Bradbury became a permanent hero in Australian lore.

Popstars happened and so did Bardot

And you could listen to them on your brand new iPod. If you wanted.

And get tunes from Limewire.

John Howard was still our Prime Minister and resident DJ.

And later in 2004 he and Marky Mark Latham were in an epic feud.


Liam Hemsworth looked like this:

This song had just come out:

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These were the housemates who mattered:

And when they were in Year 3, Hotdogs started his game show career.

And now he's a Property Consultant!

Kasey Chambers asked a lot of rhetorical questions.

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In 2002, the NSW Blues were still dominating the State Of Origin.


These people were still regularly on TV, not running around dressed like crazy clowns.

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Yowies were still around :'(

And this was the hit of the year.

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