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Chinese Teens Are Trolling This Reporter After She Called A Chinese Swimmer A "Cheat"

Australian reporter Amanda Abate might want to log off social media for a while.

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Chinese teens and swim fans are trolling an Australian news reporter after she accidentally called Chinese swimming star Sun Yang "one of the Chinese cheats" instead of "stars."

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During the station's live Olympic Games coverage, reporter Amanda Abate was covering the recent controversy surrounding Australian swimmer Mack Horton and rival Sun Yang when she labelled Sun "one of [China's] cheats."

Channel 7

β€œSome big names of swimming are lining up to support Aussie gold medallist Mack Horton, with mounting backlash from China for calling one of its cheats, sorry, one of its stars a drug cheat,” Abate said.

β€œI definitely didn’t mean that, but look everyone, it is a talking point,” she said after being corrected by her co-host.

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@AmandaAbate So satisfied with the plan huh? Sadly it always ends in the other way when 'one of the reporters' trying to be an actress.


@AmandaAbate ok you tag freudian slip yourself.....that means you really meaning what you said. That's offensive.

@AmandaAbate You are a bitch , ohh sorry it's a mistake, Mack Horton is a bitch , oh sorry , it's still a mistake , truth is aus are bitches

@AmandaAbate A slip?? Unless you have problem with your brain. Or! if there is something wrong with your mouth, you should quit your job!


While her mentions are filled with abuse and snake emojis, Abate is maintaining her innocence, saying it was nothing more than a mistake.

@PurpleNightMC to highlight it was a mistake. What you are doing is making it a big deal. ✌🏽️

Chinese swim fans have targeted multiple people since the Olympics kicked off, notably Australian Mack Horton after he claimed Sun Yang was a cheat, as well as French swimmer Camille Lacourt, who said Yang "pisses purple".