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41 Pictures That Will Take All Aussies Right Back To Their Childhoods


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4. And Fruit Roll-Ups made you think your school lunch was healthy.

5. This was the best part of your Friday.

13. Le Snaks had terrible cheese but you didn't care.

15. Everyone had a different way to eat their Tiny Teddies.

16. You probably did this as a play in primary school.

18. You were the most hated person in the room if you had one of these.

20. Every year you waited for Healthy Harold and the Life Education Van.

Wait, Harold has a body now?


21. This tore friends apart.

22. This was a pain you knew all too well.

23. All your allowance went to these guys.

25. Tazos were the only reason you bought chips.

26. If you could eat these all day you would.

27. You still don't know how this works.

28. Tamagotchi were the shit..

29. Until Digimon showed up!

Remember the poo one?

31. You remember "Buddy Holly" and the Microsoft 95 start up.

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32. The only other thing (other than milk) that was acceptable to be in a milk carton.

33. Catching a ball normally was far too mainstream.

35. You remember Reg Reagan and "Bring Back the Biff!"

40. This was the sound of your childhood.

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