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This Boy's Parents Wouldn't Let Him Get A Dog So He Got An Alpaca

His name is Chewy.

This is Chewy the alpaca.

Chewy's just like a regular alpaca, doing regular alpaca things.

He lives in a backyard in Adelaide, Australia, where he spends his time chilling out, playing with water, and, y'know, going for a skate.

Chewy belongs to 14-year-old Matt, who got him as a present for Christmas 2014.

Now Chewy finds himself in a suburban backyard being treated pretty much exactly like a dog.

He's called Chewy because, well, he loves to chew on things.

And he's also partial to a trip to the beach to get his paws (?) wet?

BuzzFeed News heard about Chewy and contacted Matt, his owner. Over many important emails, it was decided that the best way to get a better window into Chewy's life was via Snapchat.

So without further ado — here's Chewie in his backyard, loving life.

Our first question was about the differences between Chewy (an alpaca) and a dog.

Then we asked about Chewy's most favourite thing:

And whether or not he was high-maintenance:

The important thing seemed to be that alpacas = better than dogs.

Which, y'know. Fair enough.

Now watch this video of Chewy running on the beach and try not to agree.

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