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    People Are Freaking Out After This Guy Said Cheesy Pop-Tarts Were An Iowa Tradition

    Place this man under arrest, Iowa State University Police.

    Chris Jorgensen – a sophomore at Iowa State University and visual editor at the Iowa State Daily – has angered a whole wave of people after a joke tweet about putting cheese on a Pop-Tart went viral.

    Last week, Jorgensen tweeted two photos of a slice of yellow American cheese sandwiched between two strawberry Pop-Tarts. "You ain't from Iowa if you never had one of these," he wrote.

    You ain’t from Iowa if you never had one of these 😤

    People were almost immediately taken aback by Jorgensen's (frankly disgusting) tweet and told him as much.

    Rt if you from Iowa and you have no idea what da fuck he’s talking about

    But everything really picked up when the Iowa State University Police jokingly put Jorgensen under arrest for his deviant, cheesy Pop-Tart actions.

    You’re under arrest

    Jorgensen's original tweet only has 400 retweets, but the police's response now has over 100,000. It brought a hell of a lot of attention to Jorgensen.

    Everyone piled on.

    I've seen some crazy shit on this app but a Pop Tart and Cheese Sandwich ain't one of em. Throw the whole state awa…

    Things I️ learned from tweeting a picture of a slice of cheese between two poptarts: -People will personally attack…

    @cjorgensen79 on behalf of iowa, this man is not from iowa. passing to wisconsin since theyre the cheese state.

    @cjorgensen79 As an Iowan who has been drunk and high at the same time, I know for a fact that I’d never eat someth…

    Because of the attention, Jorgensen's tweet made it to the top of Reddit, where people did totally normal things like discuss how much a cheese Pop-Tart would cost and if they could create a "poor man's McGriddle" using his method.

    Also this user did the math to figure out exactly how poor I️ am

    "I thought: 'What could be the grossest thing I could put between two Pop-Tarts?'" Jorgensen told the Des Moines Register. "So I went to the fridge and got a cheese slice."

    Asked if actually ate the Pop-Tart monstrosity, Jorgensen said he took a bite but there wasn't much cheese in his mouthful.

    "I think I've done some damage to the state of Iowa," he said.

    BuzzFeed News has contacted Jorgensen for comment.