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This Photo Of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Is Everything You Need To Know About The '90s

Got dat fanny-pack swag.

The Rock is a pretty cool guy.

A cool guy who is always doing cool stuff.

Seriously, look at him.

Here he is with a koala. That koala can't even handle The Rock right now. Seriously, look at that arm.

So it's pretty nice when The Rock, one of the coolest guys around, looks a little silly.

So here it is. The Rock looking silly.

Kate MacConnell / QMI Agency

Reppin' that turtleneck swag.

Kate MacConnell / QMI Agency

Tuckin' his thumb behind his fanny pack like it's no big deal.

Kate MacConnell / QMI Agency

Here he is as Bert.

And here is Rob Schneider as The Rock. So silly.

Ah well. He's still pretty cool.

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