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Can You Guess Which Of These Statements Is The Truth?

A new game where you, the reader, are thrust into the spotlight. Is it all true or just one, big, stinking lie?

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  1. 1. Who is this?

    Matt King / Getty Images
    This is the lord of the west side of Australia, made famous for her excellent navigation skills.
    This is the richest woman in Australia and a mining heiress.
    This is the PR manager for Australian band 5 Seconds of Summer. She also used to manage Westlife.
  2. 2. What is Vegemite made out of?

    Vegemite is made out of butter, salt, and organic tar. The tar is what gives it its black appearance.
    Vegemite is made out of old, moldy bread, ground into a paste with added water. Food colouring is then added to change it from off-green to black.
    Vegemite is made out of leftover yeast extract from beer manufacturers. You can't get drunk from eating Vegemite, though.
  3. 3. Who is this?

    Getty Images
    Johnny Depp's older, less famous brother.
    Johnny Depp's older, less successful cousin.
    A successful musician, who has played music with Johnny Depp.
  4. 4. What is a "Yowie"?

    A Yowie is a large, bushland creature - similar to Bigfoot, or the Sasquatch. It is mostly reported to reside in Australia. In the '90s, there was also a popular variety of chocolates called Yowies.
    A Yowie is a type of Australian car, and until 2008 was the fastest in the Southern Hemisphere.
    A Yowie is the title given to someone who has completed a degree in three separate Australian universities. These people become members of an elite club called the Yearners Of Western Ideological Education (Y.O.W.I.E)
  5. 5. Who is this?

    Climate change "skeptic" and "government watchdog," this man runs an online blog about the problems with "left-wing, hippy Australia".
    Leader of the opposition in the NSW (Australian) parliament, he was only recently instated.
    This is the drummer from AC/DC.
  6. 6. Which of these beers is NOT Australian?

  7. 7. Who is this meant to be a statue of:

    Creative Commons
    This is a statue of Edgar Monstruse III, who is responsible for bringing the first crate of bottled beer to Australia.
    This is a statue of Captain James Cook, who was the first European to make contact with the eastern border of Australia
    This is a statue of James "Jimmy" Rightarm, who became well known in small Australian country towns for his inability to put his right arm by his side - a rare genetic condition indeed.
  8. 8. Imogen Heap's super successful "Hide And Seek" was written about former Australian Prime Minister, Harold Holt.

  9. 9. Who is this?

    Getty Images
    That's a prominent "celebrity farmer" from Australia, who is on many TV shows discussing sustainable farming.
    That's an Australian fashion designer who always wears a pair of sunglasses on his head.
    That's the brother of Australia's Prime Minister, Tony Abbott. They had a much debated falling out in 2007 and haven't spoken to each other since.
  10. 10. Australia is both a country AND a continent.


Can You Guess Which Of These Statements Is The Truth?

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