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    People Are Laughing At This Dude Who Broke Into Someone’s Home And Just Crawled Along The Floor

    *Theme from Mission Impossible starts playing.*

    Footage has been released by police of a thief sliding along the floor of a Brighton, Victoria, property and he's since been dubbed the "Brighton Creepy Crawly".

    There he is, skuttlin' along.

    Around 3:40pm on Tuesday a man entered the house via its office and attempted to remove two heavy safes. He failed – leaving empty-handed – but that's not what grabbed people's attention. Instead, it's the method by which the mystery burglar entered the office that has generated much interest.

    me sliding into ur DMS

    what. is. happening.

    This works best if you hum the Mission Impossible theme over the top

    The footage certainly showed how much cooler movies seem to make breaking and entering look.

    @VictoriaPolice Makes you realise how cool stuff in movies looks creepy in real world.

    When you've seen movies

    The man, believed to be aged about 30 to 40, has not yet been identified by police. But one thing we know for sure — the dude does not like walking.