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People Are Upset That A Company Has Labelled Their Dairy Milk As “Breast Milk”

Lewis Road Creamery have launched a partnership with a breast cancer charity to raise funds, printing "breast milk" on their bottles.

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New Zealand dairy company Lewis Road Creamery has received some backlash for a charity campaign launched today which labels their milk "breast milk".

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Speaking to, New Zealand Breastfeeding Authority chief executive Julie Stufkens said the campaign was disrespectful towards women and didn't make appropriate comparisons.

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"Sadly I think this is misguided advertising... Labelling a cow's milk product as breast milk is not acceptable.The product does not contain any human milk and does not come from a breast but an udder."

In a statement to BuzzFeed News, a spokesperson for Lewis Road Creamery said the company were happy with the initiative.

"We were approached by Breast Cancer Cure with the idea and we loved it from the beginning. We always knew it was a bold way to help raise vital funds for a worthy cause and it sure has got people talking! We have designed a label that is bold but also clear - referencing the fact it is cow's milk twice on the front and twice on the back of the bottle.

Yes, there has been one breastfeeding advocacy group that has come out against the campaign but there have been plenty of others such as La Leche League who are pledging their support.

We have been overwhelmed by the support of New Zealanders getting behind this campaign and we are confident they will see it for what it is - a great way to support a charity committed to finding a cure for breast cancer by 2018."